How many calories are there in John Smith’s?
There are 26 calories per 100ml of John Smith’s
Is John Smith’s suitable for vegetarians/vegans?
I’m afraid not.
Is John Smith’s gluten free?
It isn’t.
Does John Smith’s contain wheat?
It does
What is the sugar content of John Smith’s?
There are 1.2 grams of sugar per 100ml of John Smith’s
Who may I contact about Point of Sale goods or Sponsorship opportunities?
Excellent question and we’d love to hear your thoughts at John Smith’s. Please contact our consumer care team at customerservices@johnsmiths.co.uk where we’ll be eager to help.
How can I apply for job vacancies?
Our recruitment process requires you to apply online – please feel free to keep up to date on live vacancies by logging on to the Heineken Careers website at www.heineken.co.uk/careers