John Smith’s
You can probably guess who it's named after

Tadcaster’s finest ale is named after its favourite son. The original John Smith began his drinking empire in 1847, when he started brewing his legendary ale for the town’s thirsty mill workers and factory hands. Some things never change: it soon became the nation’s favourite and now reigns as the nation’s No.1 ale.

To learn more about John Smith’s range, see the beers below. But be warned: it makes thirsty reading.

John Smith's Beer Range

John Smith’s
Extra Smooth

John Smith’s Extra Smooth was launched in 1993 and is now the nation’s No.1 ale.

The boffins say it has a distinct cereal character, with malty, caramel notes being complemented by some fruitiness. But we just think it’s a right good pint.

Extra Smooth is available in draught or in cans to be enjoyed at home (Both 3.6% ABV).

Plus – you can also get John Smith’s Extra Cold on draught: the same great taste, but colder. We don’t muck about with names see.

John Smith's Extra Smooth

John Smith’s

John Smith’s bitter, which is still going strong, is a malty, bitter sweet ale with a slight fruitiness and a bitter aftertaste – we probably took the words right out of your mouth.

John Smith’s Original can be enjoyed in cans at home (3.6% ABV), plus there’s the Cask Ale available on the bar (3.8% ABV).

John Smith's Bitter

John Smith’s

If you’re lucky enough to find one of the selected outlets that sell it then why not try a John Smith’s Magnet.

It has a subtle balance of bitter-sweet flavours; caramel and a hint of liquorice... look why don’t you just try it for yourselves.

Easy-drinking, full-flavoured and full-bodied (4% ABV).

John Smith's Magnet